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Advertiser FAQs

What is your boutique model?

We hand select each of our sites based on quality of content, professionalism, relevance, the ability to service a particular community niche, credibility and much more. From these exceptional sites, we build an extremely well-targeted and quality community that brings premier content and readers with it. As the advertiser, you are then able to run a campaign throughout an entire channel or target particular sites of your choice. We have found that this attention to detail in hand-selecting our sites that advertisers are then free to hand pick brings about the most effective long term results for both our publishers and advertisers.

Can I choose the sites on which I advertise?

Absolutely. This is central to the way we operate and is always the case unless you are taking advantage of a BackBeat Media special campaign offer that specifies otherwise.

What do I need to do to design a campaign?

Go ahead and fill out our quote request form and submit it to us if you have not already. Someone in our sales department will follow up with you. Together you will work out the details of your campaign in accordance with your goals and inventory availability. Among other things, this process usually involves deciding how many months you want to run the campaign, the ad type that suits your goals best, and the number of impressions you will run monthly. Once the specifics of the campaign are decided, our sales representative will issue you an insertion order to reserve the inventory.

How quickly can I launch a campaign?

Once you have decided on the contract length, budget, and other specifics of your campaign, our sales office will issue an insertion order to you with all of the details of your campaign. We then require 3 business days from the time we receive the signed insertion order and your ad creative before the campaign is launched. So if you want to launch a campaign on the 1st of the month, we would need your signed insertion order and all ad creative 3 business days prior to that launch date. Receiving the insertion order and/or ad creative later than 3 business days prior to a scheduled launch may result in an adjustment of the campaign launch date.

What is a CPM?

CPM refers to "Cost Per Millenium" or "Cost Per Thousand" impressions. In other words, it is the cost for every thousand times an ad is served. So if an ad sells for a $10.00 CPM, then 300,000 monthly impressions of that ad would be $3000.00.

What reporting do you offer?

Our ad serving software can automatically deliver detailed reports directly to your email box as frequently as you request. The reports can be designed to provide metrics based on site, ad type, specific ad, click through rate, delivered impressions and much more.

How often can I update my ad?

As much as you like. We encourage advertisers to update their ad creative as frequently as their internal graphic development team can manage. Regular updates maintain a fresh campaign that results in higher long term performance.

Do you accept Flash ads?

Absolutely! Many of our sponsors use Flash to great benefit. Just make sure your ads conform to the "clickTAG" specification for serving ads, and you'll be all set. The specification can be referenced at the following URL:

Does BackBeat Media provide email lists or personal information on its readership?

Absolutely not. BackBeat Media does not and will not sell or otherwise provide lists of reader emails or independently recognizable information of any sort. For information about our readership, we provide general demographics only.