Backbeat Media

Beyond the Click

For Advertisers

Our Boutique Approach

The boutique model takes advantage of the highly passionate consumer communities that are naturally emerging around the web. Rather than superimposing a vast, featureless network over these vital web environments, BackBeat Media seeks out these communities to help them develop themselves to better serve the advertiser, publisher, and consumer. In turn, delivering an advertiser's message to an attentive audience of a contextually appropriate publisher results in online advertising that is simply much more effective.

Our Publishers

We carefully review all possible candidates and only select from the most respected and authoritative content providers within a particular consumer community. We ensure that each site within a network serves a necessary and precise niche within a community. This way we ensure the broadest possible readership base within an already highly targeted market audience while simultaneously allowing an advertiser the opportunity to hone targeting further.

Your Campaign

We can serve your campaign to one, several, or all of the sites we have. Our business is designed so that you are free to pick and choose in accordance with your marketing needs. We will supply you with the information we have on each of our sites so that you can better evaluate and plan your campaign. As the campaign progresses, we will work with you to evaluate performance and optimize by retargeting impressions and ad types for increased effectiveness.

Campaign Performance

Our enterprise level ad serving software tracks every move our readers make with regard to your ads. The software allows us to design statistically rich reports that deliver exactly the information you require to evaluate and increase the effectiveness of your campaign. In fact the vast majority of our current advertisers take full advantage of this service by receiving a weekly report to their inbox that has become critical to their ability to assess and modify their overall advertising strategy.

Our Advertisers

Many of our advertisers have been continuously advertising with us for over 5 years. Currently our client retention is over 87%. Most seem to have found that delivering their message to an interested audience amid similar content is effective and they have stayed.

Our Readers

Our surveys continue to show that our audiences are more likely to purchase from advertisers who support sites of which they are enthusiasts. Consequently delivering your message to a relevant and active readership can be vital to the success of any online advertising plan.