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About Backbeat Media

BackBeat Media works under an interactive advertising philosophy distinct from many current targeting trends. Rather than relying solely on inexact cookie technology for tracking habit patterns across an otherwise unspecified terrain, we believe in the cultivation and targeting of online communities. We see the web not as a vast sea of faceless buyers to be tracked, but as burgeoning communities with which the advertiser interacts. BackBeat Media's site-offerings are designed with these specific communities in mind.

In this way, we target right up front for you. By planning with specific consumer technology groups, we are able to understand the cultures, identities, and interests of these communities and deliver them the products and services that they value in their lives. In turn, advertisers see the long term returns of targeting and branding to the correct audience.

With the rise of narrowcasting - the growing specialization of both cable television and the internet - advertising models that still cling to the notion of a whole population being reached via a few network channels are no longer valid. The traditional demographic models relied on by the marketing industry of the past have been replaced by a landscape of clans, tribes, and virtual neighborhoods.

BackBeat Media was founded by Dave Hamilton and Greg Snyder and incorporated in 2000 in Austin, TX.